Desert Rose - Aroma Blend 500ml
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• Ahla Jaw - Aroma Blend oils are the perfect element to enhance and enrich your aromatherapy experience. Made from friendly anti-allergic ingredients with the special formulation. This pure fragrance oil will give you, your friends & family an aromatic experience and feel.
• Effectively transforms your air purification experience.
• Enriches your surrounding air with refreshing natural aroma blend.
• Reduces unpleasant odours & cigarette smoke around you.
• Eco-Friendly.
• MSDS certified.
• High quality premium Aroma Blends.
• 500ml / 16.9 fl oz. – Made in United Kingdom.

Flavor: Floral

Our Recommendation: Offices, Residential, Entertainment, Hospitals, Spas

Price: AED 315.00 AED 275.00

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