Infinity - Aroma Mist Premium Air Freshener 280ML
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• Make spirits merry and bright with the invigorating fresh splash of Aroma Mist Spray that eliminates unpleasant odor on washable surfaces such as upholstery, carpets, clothes bedding & curtains while leaving a fresh scent.
• Long lasting fabric freshener.
• A true odor counteractant and not a masking mediator.
• Stops bad smell from the source and immediately spreads aroma.
• Non-flammable.
• Leaves no trace.
Where to use:
1. Offices.
2. Health clubs.
3. Hotels.
4. Carpets and curtains.
5. Dressing Rooms.
6. Clothes.

Our Recommendation: Offices, Residential, Retail, Entertainment, Hospitals, Spas, Hotels, Restaurants, Banks, Clothes

Price: AED 47.00 AED 36.00

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