Essancy Air Purifier
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Air Purifier and UV Armor against germs, bacteria and viruses.

Air pollution has become a significant problem with rapidly increasing
exhaust emission, Besides, carcinogenic chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene
emitted by home renovations and furniture are invisible health hazards around us.

This air purifier model is designed to resolve these problems for small-sized rooms with six stage filtration process.

6-Stage Filtration:
1. Pre-filter with antibacterial nano silver filtrates PM10 particles such as hair, dust and smoke and remove bacteria.
2. High Efficiency HEPA filter filtrates dander, pollen, smoke, and other airborne particle pollutant allergens.
3. Activated carbon filter absorbs benzene, formaldehyde and reduces odors.
4. Low temperature catalyst decomposes harmful gases such as TVOC, formaldehyde and benzene.
5. High-voltage ionizer releases negative ions that can enhance human body's
6. UV germicidal lamp kills harmful bacteria and viruses, preventing impurities in air.

--Technical Details:
Coverage: Suitable for 30 to 50 cubic meter area
Voltage: DC 12v
Power: 8 w
Size: 334 mm x 129 mm x 295 mm
Net Weight: 2.5 kg

Our Recommendation: Offices, Residential, Retail, Entertainment, Hospitals, Spas

Price: AED 1,050.00 AED 577.00

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